21st July 2018 

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This unique service is aimed at helping clients who need to explore the deeper meaning and significance of being ethnically different in Britain as a multi-ethnic/racial society.Being ethnically different requires an awareness of what this difference means personally and how we manage it in relation to ourselves and others.

Taking pride in our differences be it our culture, language, religion and customs can be a source of pleasure and nourishes a strong sense of ourselves. However these very differences can also create emotional turmoil if we are not at ease with them or clash with other values and customs that we also want to embrace.

Sometimes it is the intolerance of others which can be very overt or subtle such as in racism that can have a profound affect on your sense of well being. One can be left feeling emotionally injured, isolated and often very perplexed as to how this has come about.
Understanding and helping clients who have suffered these experiences is a particular expertise within The Thinking Space practice.